Skyrim glitch help?

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Okay so I have a question about Skyrim and it either not working or possibly glitching. It's somewhat of a long story.

So I've heard from the internet and several friends that clearing the system cache will help with load and save times, and reduce glitches, and that it's good to do it every month or so depending on how much you play the game. First off, IS that true? Secondly, I did that. I cleared my system cache, but here's my issue. I have heard from the web and friends that I will need to install the update again, but when I cleared the cache, it never deleted the title update. So I wasn't sure wether it deleted a portion of it and a little data remained, or what. So I deleted the update from my system memory. Then I re-installed the Title Update. It loads my saves, all of them, just fine. But my question here is did I jeoprodize my game? It seems to work fine but I have only played about twenty minutes since then. I'm kind of worried I caused something to go wrong with it. So what do you guys think?

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no its not true. i tried it and it dident work. it ruined my entire game system and i had to buy a new one