Rock Band 3 players?

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Anyone here still have Rock Band 3?

if so what instrument do you play and how much DLC do you own?

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i have RB2, 3, the Beatles RB, green day....and on rock band 3 i have around 500+ songs (RB3+DLC) mostly i do Vocals (hard - expert) bass/guitar i can survive "challenging" level song on hard but doing very badly, my cousin who plays with us can pretty much do any song on hard (in the ones we have, Visions, battery and maybe freebird as well as the solo on the final countdown he fails) i do poorly on drums (fail some songs even in easy, one of them is "stone cold crazy" by Queen) never ask if i do keys, y simply suck a that, the only song i can do is Helen Wheels by Paul McCartney in the DLC mostly is made up of exports (Lego RB, Green day, AC/DC live, Classic Rock track pack, Metal track pack, and soon track pack vol2) i have most of System of a Down songs, Paul McCartney, Creedence Clearwater, some from Blondie, Queen, Bon Jovi, etc, i would be easier if you can connect on a Saturday night and hopefully you can see which songs he have in common. by the way i only go online Saturday nights/Sunday mornings (Saturday from around 9-10pm to probably 3-4 am Sunday) this is due to my phone company saying that my zone has no access to anything other than dial-up and even the cable company wont go there. so i connect at a friend's house
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it seem s that for you miy online times are from 11pm Saturday to around 6am Sunday
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i'll compare your songs with mine on there