Next Metal Gear game should i play?

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#1 Posted by Gordan34 (32 posts) -
I have watched MGS1 gameplay and understand its story, and have played MGS2 and MGS3. Should I go on and play MGS Peace Walker or go ahead and play MGS4? I cannot play Portable Ops as I do not own a PSP, so I hope that game doesn't give a whole lot of story.
#2 Posted by dvader654 (44751 posts) -
Both. The stories have little to do with each other.
#3 Posted by Shame-usBlackley (18266 posts) -

Skip MGS4 if you care even the least about the series' storyline.

#4 Posted by S0lidSnake (29001 posts) -

Skip Portable Ops and play Peace Walker first.

Expect A LOT of cutscenes in MGS4 and a lot of very long ones. Some appraoch an hour mark. THere are little to no codec calls this time around though so once the gameplay starts you wont get interrupted by long codec calls every five minutes like in the first three games. 

#5 Posted by Mrmedia01 (1917 posts) -

I hate to say I only Enjoyed 2 & 3. I did not enjoy 4's cutscense or gameplay. Everyones different with this series though. Never played Peace Walker or part 1.

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i loved 4 but i'd suggest peace walker if you're fresh off mgs3, it ties into it.

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I'd say play PW too, there are some references in MGS4 as well towards it.

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All right Peace Walker it is thank you all for the info, loving this series so much. :D
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Both of them inform each other to a point, but you can play either one as long as you've played 1, 2, and 3 first, which you have. Just know that PW will continue Big Boss' story, while MGS4 will continue and conclude Solid Snake's story. I'm going to go ahead and lock this, since you've made your decision.