need help in finding those games

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Hey everyone! I'm a guy from Poland. I'm apllying for a job at and they sent me some questions as part of their recruitment process. Since we're in adventure games thread I will post only the one that considers an adventure game 1. What's the adventure game from the 90s with anthropomorphic characters in which the hero must prove his innocence and save his beloved? Thanks a lot guys! PS. I got some replies on other forums from people saying that they will not help me cause it's cheating. So just for your information, the point of this test is not to prove that I have all the information in my head and know absolutely everything but that I can find ways to find out the answer to that problems, even if I dont know it cause thats what my job will be about. So please don't think about this as cheating cause I'm just using these forums as one of imformation source, like wikipedia but better and more reliable. thank you