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I've been feeling nostalgic so I returned to the old RTS games of my youth, Pharoah AoE Civ and the like, when I remembered I used to play another game I enjoyed greatly. I can't remember the name so I tried googling what I do remember of it - to no avail. I need your help you guys, cause I'm beginning to think I made this game up!

Anyway, here's the little I do remember. It's history based but it's got fantasy elements (though much more subtle than, say, AoM), it's main campaign starts off in Malta in the 15th-16th century (I'm pretty sure), something to do with crusaders, and continues through to the New World. There basically you have to start a colony and there's a cool unique little feature I just remembered, where you can access a screen showing your country's capital city and ask for resources and upgrades and what not. Oh and (back to the main quest) there's also something to do with the Fountain of Youth, and a cool ending video where you see in almost present day a character you controlled in the 18th century or something and you realise he's found it and you're like WHAAA.

So please tell me I didn't make all of this up, and that this game really exists. Thanks.

BTW: Not 100% sure that it is in fact an RTS. Pretty sure though.

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Right.. Just found out it's AoE III. Since I've only joined this forum to ask this question, and therefore I don't know how to delete this post, I now must end my life by seppuku so as not to dishonor my family.