M.M.O w/ Revenue Sharing Model?

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As I'm seeing it, there aren't many out there, so if anyone knows of any, please let me know. There must be a few! I can't be the only one trying to do this. They would be my competitors and I wan't to know what's up. Revenue Sharing is when say (in this case) a game gives back to the community with cash. When it comes to Revenue Sharing, all I see in the search engines is Article Sites. No games.
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lol. this is kinda creepy. haha.

i read an article before that there was a game beign developed where you will have to link your bank account to your in-game account and be able to spend and earn real cash money in-game. for example, if you bought a rifle worth 5 dollars from another town, and sold it to another player in another area for 10 dollars, your bank account will be updated accordingly and will earn real money profit. im not sure if the game pushed through though. i can't even recall the title of the game. xD