looking for a new MMO... any ideas?

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Hey Guys.. I haven't been playing any MMO lately but I really fancy playing a new game again. And I was wondering if you could maybe give me some advice on what game to play. I've only played 3 MMO's so far... 1. one was http://www.drugpusher.net it used to be good fun but they managed to **** up the whole game. 2. was darkorbit, I liked it really good but and some point I just stopped because I got bored. 3. was spaceinvasion which was sweet as well but I stopped playing when my acc got ****ed up do to a server issue. In general I like anything that takes place in space. And a mixture of darkorbit and spaceinvasion would be since, so basically something strategic but with action as well. Well I dont even know if there's anything like this out there. But if you know of something similar, please let me know :) But it doesnt have to be some kinf of space game, the only thing I really dont like at all is this fantasy stuff like WOW or League of Legends. About money... I'm alright with paying a monthly fee if it isnt too high. But I really hate it when the game is free but youre basically forced to invest money because your acc will stay **** anyways if you dont. Okay so maybe anyone knows a game I might like. Feel free to suggest anything, even if its not taking place in space ;) cheers!
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you might wanna try Warframe. the setting is in space and your character is a Warframe (mech), its a MMO and a FPS rolled together :3

i play it from time to time - add me up ninabadgurl

Also, if you want to strictly play MMO mebbe you can play cabal wif me. i play it casually with a bunch of other people from the forums alongside the other games we play hardcore.. you're welcome to join us :3

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Hey, maybe I got what you want. Did you hear about Space Discovery (http://www.space-discovery.net)? Basically it is strategy game based in the Space. It´s quite new, so there aren´t many users online yet maybe because it is in an open beta. But it is familiar. You don´t need to spend money if you don´t want to. If you play with friends you can share recources and military units. If you want to fight against big opponents you can join a raid of different players who wants to attack larger opponents. The highscore allows you to recieve free credits. You just have to pay, if you want to remove the advertising (which is sometimes real annoying) and maybe at the start, if you want to grow fast.
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Check out Riftforge - it's an online RPG that has 3 archetypes and a dozen or more classes (specializations). It's free too.

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Gameforge has some nice MMOs ;)
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Try Secret World, its nothing like the usual mindless WOW clone. Its quite incredible infact. you have to use your brain.

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Earth Empires is a free browser based strategy game where you take control of your nation's military and economy. Command your country's military to attack and defend against your enemies. Execute attack strategies to relieve opponents of their resources and land. Strategically invest in technology to outpace the economies of other countries. Ally with your friends or make new friendships by joining a clan. Conduct military operations, govern your country and build your empire. If you decide to try out the game, you can create a country on each server. I would advise you to create a country on the alliance server so that you can join a clan full of experienced players. You will definitely need to join a clan in order to survive on the alliance server as well. This is where my clan, the Sons of Liberty, come into play. We are a group of friends across the globe that protect our countries against other clans. We are a war group, so regularly we gather ourselves in a chat room to usually kill another clan or group of countries to give SOL positional strength within the alliance server. If you join SOL, we will definitely train you how to play the game, and guide you so that you have an easy time to break the novice barrier. Please join us, it is a great way to meet people around the world, waste time at work, and spruce up those math skills. On the SOL's app, mention mdevol as referer Earth Empires: http://www.earthempires.com Sons of Liberty: http://sol.ghqnet.com