is there gonna be any future turok games?

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#1 Posted by slipknot0129 (5491 posts) -

What about prey? Are they gonna make another?

I thought turok on 360 and ps3 sold over 1 million copies. Isnt that enough to warrant a sequel?

#2 Posted by TheRaiderNation (1653 posts) -

I would love to see future turok games. The last edition in the series was medicore, but I still enjoyed my playthrough of the game. I haven't heard or read anything on any upcoming turok games in the near future (next year or two).

I would even be happy for a re-release of the first turok with significantly upgraded graphics and some tweaking of the platforming.

#3 Posted by Sweet_Genocide (777 posts) -

I'd be suprised if they let the series go.

#4 Posted by anthonycg (2017 posts) -

Seeds of Evil 2 would be awesome but probably wishful thinking.

#5 Posted by CRS98 (9036 posts) -
I want the first few games for XBLA. I'd pay money for that.
#6 Posted by Legendaryscmt (12532 posts) -

Considering how well the last one did and how many games they've done with the series, it isn't looking all that great. As for Prey, a murky screenshot was released awhile back, but so far it's in limbo.

#7 Posted by Sagacious_Tien (12562 posts) -
There has been no new information on either a Prey title or a Turok title. Both haven't sold well, and the FPS market is far more competitive now that it may not make good business sense to make new titles in either franchise. That said, it might eventuate that the original Turok titles make their mark in the digital download space. But there has been no information on that yet.
#8 Posted by scorpion_great (1572 posts) -

All in good time, sooner or later these games will resurrect...