Introducing City Empires 2!

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#1 Posted by Aegis_CE2 (2 posts) -
There is a new MMORPG game called City Empires 2 that has just begun! In this game, the objective is to grow your city and have the highest score. Score is affected by how many resources you can raid from others, the damage you do, and the defenses you have. Build your city with many different houses, farms, lumber mills, military bases, oil wells, hospitals, and many other buildings. Currently, the player base is about 170 (we just started about 3 weeks ago) and are seeking many more players. The game is easy to begin and you can quickly become among the score leaders. Come join City Empires 2 today!
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A similar game to this based in the middle ages and also just started is: It is just less buggy, but also have good potential for growth still