If Telltale ever finishes Walking Dead, would you like for them to tackle Jaws?

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Back to the Future( up until the end) was a really fun and great game for that movie series. Jurassic Park had potential but, the bad characters and ridiculousness of some things really brought it down a couple of points. And by ridiculousness I mean things like an old woman outrunning a velociraptor when we were clearly told in the first movie that they can run at cheetah speed. Which is 60-70 mph. Or the merc who took on a raptor and won. But overall it was kinda fun. They outdid themselves with The Walking Dead. Only problem is the wait between chapters. All that being said, would you like for them to make a game based on Jaws? Jaws is due a good game, and I think Telltale could pull it off. I'm not entirely sure how they would do the first bit where people are getting killed on the beach, but the other half, where the shark is being hunted could be something real special.