Games Franchise that is ruined?

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Crysis, first game is still best. Big open world game, jungle, best multiplayer. It is still very special game but Crysis 2 and 3 are crap, very limited gameplay and bad multiplayer. This game should have stayed PC exclusive game for sure.

I miss old Crysis.

Spyro game. I remember playing on PS1. I loved everything, great music, gameplay and fun. Now Spyro is big, he can fly everywhere, has bad gameplay and kinda stuff. What the hell happened???

Same thing with FEAR

So my list:




Are there any more games that used to have great games but now they just make bad games?

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Ruined is a tough word because i can think of many franchises that have went down hill but I can't think of any that are just ruined. That implies that there is no chance in redemption.

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Wow, that's a strong word...the closest thing I can think of would've been SoulCalibur, but Daishi Odashima was promptly removed from Project Soul and they're looking back at SCII as the point from which to build upon, so I think that's been saved...

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Resident Evil.

Looking forward to if Capcom can save it with 7. But, after 5 & 6 my expectations are next to nothing.

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Resident Evil.

Looking forward to if Capcom can save it with 7. But, after 5 & 6 my expectations are next to nothing.

Agreed with 5&6 but you can't believe it is ruined. There is some hope for some next gen Resident Evil games.

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Tomb Raider (I know lots of people love the new version, but it's still not Tomb Raider)

Command & Conquer


Jedi Knight

Call of Duty

Duke Nukem


I know any of these franchises could come back, it's just very unlikely to be anything like what they once were.

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Ruined is a very strong word. There are many games that have indeed gone way downhill, but I would never go as far as ruined. Now if your talking about individual games, studios can very well ruin those. To say that the franchise is ruined though... not so much. Every game franchise has the ability to come back stronger than ever.

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Love the new Tomb Raider.

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Assassins Creed. That dog ain't gonna hunt no more.

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Final Fantasy... hasnt been a good one since X.

Counterstrike... CS:GO was the death of this game being a super high skill intensive fps game that stood out from the rest...