game - werewolf: the last warrior

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#1 Posted by dpenela (4 posts) -
hi, i'm new here btw i found a game called werewolf: the last warrior for gba, so i went on hte internet to search about it. the problem is that i dont find any regist of it for gba! it's a gba cartridge with a sticker for the werewolf:the last warrior game can anyone help?
#2 Posted by Jakandsigz (4512 posts) -
Welcome to Gamespot! We sure are popular now! Oh and the game you mentioned is a NES game, not a GBA game I am afraid.
#3 Posted by dpenela (4 posts) -
i know. but what i found is in a gba cartridge
#4 Posted by dpenela (4 posts) -
here's a photo of it
#5 Posted by Jakandsigz (4512 posts) -
It's fake, the code on the bottom right belongs to Pitfall the Mayan Adventure
#6 Posted by dpenela (4 posts) -
ok, thank you for the clearing of this much apreciated