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Hi everyone I'm new here and registered to get some game recommendations since I will have a long holiday this winter ^^ and wish to play a bit but I'm not sure what to buy. I do not really know any of the "new" games, since I normally do not have time at all to play. Since I "just" have SNES and PS2 I will have to buy a new console and of course I would like to buy the one, that has the better games. I am a fan of Terranigma, Illusion of Time and Summoner 1. I like good fights - but I do not wish only to fight! ... so I like plays with no "time pressure", a lot of side quests, talk to villagers, no a strict timeline with all the events - I like if I can (more or less) choose when to go where. ...and of course a nice story and a complex game. I do not mind (.....actually I like it...) if the solution to a problem is not absolutely clear from the beginning on. If the graphics are not top - that's o.k.. The story and complexity of the game are more important to me. I hope someone can help me?
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I would go with a PS3 bundle this Black friday. I had an XBOX 360 and I got the feeling that the PS3 is more rpg oriented (opinion only). You can choose any platform and be allright. If you go with the XBOX 360, pick Witcher 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect Trilogy.

If you go with the PS3, pcik the same, aside from witcher 2, and Disgaea 4. If you want a handheld, the vita is a great option, been able to play a lot of psp games as well, and just got a PS + Instant Collection with great games. DS have awesome games as well.

If you can ($$$), go with a PS3 and a Vita with a PS + subs. Believe me, it's awesome. That's what I use now.

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Well my opinion is that PS3 have a more variety of RPGs to choose from, if only barely because of some of the JRPGs, so I would recommend that console. As far as the type of games you like, I would recommend Kingdom of Alamur as definitely one of the games to get. You do a lot of talking to the villagers on that badboy believe me, and fighting is awesome in that game. I keep hearing Dragon Dogma is a good one too (will need to pick that one up for myself soon) so there's another one to consider. Other games you may like are 2 swords 2 and Risen. Lots of exploration and talking to villagers and fighting on those games as well.

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Thank you so much for your recommendations until now ^^ So I think I will buy a PS3. Anyone has some more advice regarding the games?
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Also try the D. Souls (Dark and Demons) Franchise, if you go with the PS3... Or just Dark souls if you get a 360...

Its hard, it have great online concept, it's fun and for me, it's the best of what this generetion of games have to offer...

but if you don't like PVP (it's brutal) or co-op, or just want a game that hold your hand till the end, so you can sit back and watch the cutscenes, stay AWAY from it...

BTW, Been playng games since master system...

Sorry about my english...

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I would say go pc and save some money since you're already using one posting this messege lol. Guild Wars 2 is pretty sweet (although in my opinion there is no motivation to level up in pve since you can play pvp at the max lv. from day 1). Get The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and oblivion. Skyrim was kind of a let down for me. Also, Diablo 2 and 3 are pretty fun if you like dungeon crawlers. The 360 has quite a few role-playing games. I've heard Lost Odyssey is pretty sweet since it has 4 discs of gameplay (ALOT!!) which should hold you. and there is a book series i believe. you can also go to the 360 tab, go to reviews, then the genre, and click browse all, and there are alot to choose from. same goes for ps3 games.

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blacklight Retribution is an awesome game, and its free!