FFXIII and equipment

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This might be an odd inquire, but it has puzzled me for awhile. I've played FF3 (or is that FF6?) and some other of the earliest FF-games. I know the games are loaded with weapons and armor for our characters to equip (FF6: Metal Knuckle, Noise Blaster, White Dress etc.), and probably one of the earliest games that I've seen changes in the character when changing weapons. Please ignore my poorly explained phenomenon as I will try to explain again: When I first played Morrowind on PC I was awe-struck as I could finally put on leather gloves from the inventory screen and I would actually see those very same leather gloves (textures and all) ON my character in-game. This, with the current gen. of games has by now become expected by games both RPG and shooter-based games.

I read awhile back that some designers (?) would create the clothing for FF13 (might be wrong), and this made me think about the question at hand :

In the later FF-games, using FF13(part 1 and 2) as an example, can you equip your characters with different pieces of armor (like Skyrim; greaves, torso, arms etc) and see the equipment on your character in-game? In FF6 you could equip Mercenery Gear on Locke(?), but he still had the same sprite as before (no change in appearance).