Does anyone else have really weird tastes in graphics ?

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I alot of times don't understand when people say "this game looks better than this". For instance I can play crysis 1080p on high on my pc, but to me halo 3 looks WAY more beautiful. It's just so shiny and real looking to me. I guess maybe it's my bad eyesight. I often times feel like people have backwards on sequels also.
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Bring this down to System Wars.


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I get what you're saying. There are some games that I really enjoy the graphics and art for, and a lot of other people think the graphics are unimpressive or ugly. I've got bad eyesight as well, actually :P

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Sitting half a room away from a tv kind of hides teh flaw eh.

Crysis series has one of the best graphics technically, but if you love w.e game better than perhaps you prefer the games artistic presentation of the game over technically suprerior.

In all serious though if you can sit closer or use a monitor as a comparison than you can see that the console games has lots of jagged edges and blurry lower res/lower resolution textures, weak draw distance, etc.

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I won't call it weird. Aside from graphic style, there is a matter of good choice of color palette. That's why there are games have hi-def res and realistic graphic but not pleasing to look at because their poor choice of color makes it feels off or worse it strains your eyes quickly.

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I've always enjoyed pleasing asthetics over technical graphics myself. That's why I find inFAMOUS 2, Skyward Sword, Rayman Origins and Donkey Kong Country Returns to be some of the best looking games this gen.

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Not necessarily weird. It just means you're not obsessed with the tiny details like some others. Personally I find it the opposite, the talk about graphic is just ridiculous. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some people in System Wars didn't purchase Crysis because the texture of one the rocks underwater weren't high-res enough or that if you really look closely on a tree you can spot ze jaggiez omggg.

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Art design has always been way more important to me than graphics. I'd much rather play a game with decent graphics but spectacular environments rather than something with spectacular graphics but a banal setting. Graphics take a ton of time to make and that time would almost always be better spent on all the far more important aspects of the game.