Do NOT play Endless Space (unless you multiplayer)

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I am writing this as a warning to all fellow gamers out there. As much as I wanted to love this game, it did it's best to go out it's way to perform everything I loath on strategy games. I am talking about the Steam game "Endless Space".

I love strategy games, especially space ones (which is why I got it) now that's out the way let me explain why this game sucks so much.

Computer cheats

I know what your thinking, this instantly sends a chemical in your brain, mostly narcissism, where I am complaining because you think I'm crap and I can't handle the game, your going to tell me you finished it on hard mode vs 8 enemies while playing Cravens and no cheating. Well if you had said that to my face I will punched yours, but here is the facts laid bare.

Computer CHEATS!

He has infinite resources, means he can build feels like all he has to do is copy paste them, even if his whole economy is in major dept in what would of made a human player lose the game by default. That's all there is to it... The thing is the games based on expansion and economy, so when the AI decides it's going to break the boundaries of the game, it simply means the programmers couldn't figure how to program proper challenging AI so they just make your opponents ignore them.

You can adapt you might think.

Yeah... you might win the odd game setting it on easy, but Google "Endless space AI cheats" and see how many pages of people complaining how the games either too hard or unfair.. It's ridiculous.

I hate it, wasted many hours of the last week on that game, thinking in my head how I can get out of a situation, but the problem was logic was not the solution, logic implies strategy, but if your opening has god like powers to break the boundaries of the game, you can not adapt a strategy to counter it, your just playing by sheer luck alone.

The company behind this deserves to be castrated, removed from the gene pool. I did a bit of digging to see if this has happened and thankfully it sounds like they are indeed in turmoil. Good. .. Die you bastards and may your next of kin be born with the skin of a slug.

I managed to win one out of about 8 games. 1 of those games was me learning and fair enough, 6 of which I lose by default as one of the computer AI decides he holds a grudge on me, so every turn they send two MASSIVE fleets (always above the maximum that you would think is achievable at the given time) not one, but TWO! at the same time, to my base, every single TURN! The thing is, to do that would require a stupendous amount of resource, but because computer doesn't care about the main mechanic and limitation of the game, your basically playing a game of mercy, does computer decide you get to play past turn 55 or not, random dice roll.

<------------ Angry

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Blog it.

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You must be new to TBS games and strategy. A.I cheats in almost ALL strategy games. It is the only way it can provide a challenge.

Endless Space is actually a pretty easy game

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The AI in strategy games always cheats: it's a cheaper, easier and admittedly worse way to ensure the player has some sort of difficulty when playing against the AI (instead of, y'know, just making it better, which is much harder to do).

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I wouldn't say I'm new to strat games. I can think as far back as playing Fully Metal Planet on the Amiga 500, original Populas and all that. But yes, your right, I should of expected that the cheating is part of how they do it, lazy AI as you said. It's just I don't think I have seen it done so apprant as in this game. You can click on diplomacy and it s hows you how much currancy a side has, and one guy was on 40 dust (the cash in the game) with an upkeep of -19. Yet he was still able to buyout and send 4-6 massive fleets of power 5000 or greater (something that will take either 15 turns or 20k dust to perform) constantly, every turn.

I don't like the way these games are going...

It's annoying I am trying to find a balance here. The new X-com game was far, far too easy and quick, yet I am having trouble finding a decent strategy game (that isn't civilization).

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I played 6 hours of that game and got my ass handed to me. I guess I just suck. Maybe you do too?

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The AI in strategy games always cheats: it's a cheaper, easier and admittedly worse way to ensure the player has some sort of difficulty when playing against the AI (instead of, y'know, just making it better, which is much harder to do).

Not sure about that. Massive Assault by Wargaming (absolutely fantastic game btw; like chess 2.0) had an A.I that palyed fair and square and it was pretty brutal even on the lowest difficulty settings. Even experienced players found it difficult.

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I do also have good and bad experience. Some make me so happy for their performance. I am excited for some upcoming games like Star Quest 2: United Galaxies. This is a space games….