Dark souls sequel?

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#1 Posted by natanaj (375 posts) -

Is there any news on a dark souls sequel?

What would you like in it?

#2 Posted by lil_zelda_dude (1290 posts) -
Being that I played the absolute crap out of Demons Souls and Dark Souls, I'd rather From Software works on an Original IP, or maybe continue work on their FPS rpg games. Idk something different, but an RPG with that From Software splendidly bleak atmosphere.
#3 Posted by Sword-Demon (6970 posts) -
I doubt an actual sequel will be made, but hopefully, another spiritual successor will be made eventually.
#4 Posted by Flubbbs (2974 posts) -

hope so.. as long as they dont cater to the casual crowd and try to make it easier