Codependent Co-Op Collaboration

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Don't you hate it when a game features co-op but doesn't but doesn't yield better team work ? Take President Evil 6 or Gears Of War for example, you don't really need to work together in those games, infact it became kinda competitive because you could steal kills from your partners even if you were just lending a hand there was barely any sharing, President Evil 6 stripped down the sharing way down to a give feature, no trading or nothing, not even a thank you , unlike President Evil 5 where you're practically joined at the hip, combos had to be done together, you couldn't line two consecutive attatcks by yourself, it was more COLLABORATIVE than it was competitive. And the sharing had to be done in close proximity to your partner, nothing says codependence like "I need Ammo" "Take this" *hands him/her an Egg* lol.

In President Evil 6 its "you're better because numbers" but in President Evil 5 its "you're better because team work"

And then theres Ultimate Co-op game of all time, Portal 2's Co-operative testing initiative (The COTI)

literaly every chamber requires 4 portals to be used, except for one (I actually found a loop hole... Hey !), it was codepend Collaboration at its finest.

I mean thats the sole purpose of co-op, actually working together, not working simultaneously next to eachother.

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When co-oping through Halo: Combat Evolved, one of my best friends and mine's favorite moves was to run headlong into a room full of Covenant and then the other would chuck a sticky grenade to the one who was running in. Typically netting several kills when it all went to plan and then the recently deceased would soon spawn anew. Trial by sticky fire.

Fun times.

But I'm not sure where that falls or fits in your suggested scenarios of co-op categorization.

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Neither am I, Its a spur of the moment thread and its a very thin line.

But I agree, sounds like a butload of fun, can't believe I've been putting off Halo all this time.