Best video game bots ive seen [ut 2004]

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#1 Posted by --Quadkillz-- (460 posts) -

Play against a 'godlike' bot, oh my.. i can't beat 1, i couldn't even land any kills :(

but that's amazing, i know i suck at ut 2004, but man, these are very good bots.

#2 Posted by Doom_HellKnight (12210 posts) -
I agree, the bots in UT2004 were great. I hardly ever played multiplayer with that game. I played bots most of the time.
#4 Posted by --Quadkillz-- (460 posts) -
Glad some people agree.. I miss game bots in general, why can't we see them more now a days?
#5 Posted by foxhound_fox (90618 posts) -
I never played beyond the halfway point int UT2004 for bot difficulty, only because I guessed that they would just get perfect aim like most bots do on the highest levels.

There is a difference between a "smart" bot and a "perfect aim" bot. But I do agree, UT04 had some very smart bots.
#6 Posted by --Quadkillz-- (460 posts) -
Well you agree though, they're smart? I thought they were at least. Yes they can aim well, but I thought they have some nice technique, I won't go into much detail about it, since I don't think anyone cares. Nevertheless, I miss videogame bots like those, and in general..
#7 Posted by AnotherKill (1341 posts) -
Never played Ut 2004 but The CSS bots are bastards, They're like hackers on expert if they hear you or get just a glance at you they turn around and get a perfect shot,