Beat Runner - NEW rhythm based action game

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 We are happy to announce that our latest iOS game, Beat Runner is coming soon to the App store! Beat Runner is an exciting rhythm based, action packed game. With its strong beat and rhythmic melody, it gives you a fantastic experience. Jump to the rhythm, avoid obstacles, try to play through the entire song. The beat tells you when to jump. Trust the music. The game has simple one touch control yet addictive gameplay and it is suitable for both experienced and new players. Easy to play, hard to master. Some might say it cannot be completely beaten. Especially on Extreme mode. Patience and practice will be your friends. The levels (music tracks) are split into short parts. Practice on the individual parts. When you have mastered the individual parts then comes the FINALE (the full song) with all parts together. 18 amazing stages ( including 3 extreme and challenging "Finale" levels) with increasing difficulty and speed. At the "Finale" levels you can choose between Extreme (no extra life) and Normal mode (3 lives). Packed with beautiful visual effects and amazing music tracks. The game rewards you with stars. Try to beat each level in one attempt and collect 3 stars. You can improve your attempt number by restarting the levels. The flow of the game is perfectly in sync with the music's rhythm and melody. If you like music, rhythm and addictive runner games, you have it all in Beat Runner, and more... Try it, beat it and enjoy it!
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Hey guys, The first video trailer of Beat Runner is up on YouTube. Check it out. Hope you enjoy it.
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3 Beat Runner gameplay videos are coming up. Here is the first one: Full gameplay of Beat Runner Level 1 FINALE. The first level has 8 parts, plus the FINALE (all 8 parts together). As soon as you are good enough on the individual parts you can advance to the Finale. The finale has a Normal mode (3 lives) and Extreme mode (one life). Each level has it's own unique music track. The difficulty of the game increases as you progress. Level 1 is the easiest. (YouTube videos might be jittery, the game plays in smooth 60FPS)
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Beat Runner Level 2 FINALE gameplay trailer video is up. It's harder and faster then Level 1 with another catchy tune.
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Hey guys, Beat Runner has been approved by Apple and available in the iTunes store! Here is the link:
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Beat Runner Level 3 FINALE gameplay trailer video is up. It's harder and faster then Level 1 and 2 with another catchy tune:
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Hey Guys, Now anyone can play Beat Runner for FREE for a limited time. Go ahead download it. We are very interested how much time it takes for you to beat it, if you can. Report back your impressions and thoughts. iTunes link: Thanks, -RK Games