Any strategy games besides Front mission with Mechs?

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#1 Posted by Professor_Jiro (25 posts) -
Was wondering if there were any strategy games (preferabley RPGs) That feature mechs for battle and stuff. I've tried Vanguard Bandits but it was...more than awful. Anyway, just curious.
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Super Robot Taisen: Original generation 1&2, are the best, its like Fire Emblem but with jap style mechs. also the DS super robot frontier is good but not alot of mech focus but it has an awesome action packed battle system.

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There's Zoids Assault for the 360, but that's not really a very good game. It's got some rather unique mechanics that make it kinda neat, but it gets really old and monotonous rather quickly, and lacks the variety in available mechs that would've been useful for drawing in franchise fans.

I believe Mech Platoon for the GBA is a mech-based strategy game as well, but I've never played it so I can't really say anything regarding its content, or exactly how it plays.

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armored core 4 for the 360/ps3

dynasty warriors:gundam 360/ps3

but maybe your best bet would be Zone of Enders if you havent played it

and maybe Ring of Red (ps2)