A game that i played years ago but i forgot the name

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So...many years ago i played a game.It was with a young man with a green mantle.The game included a mode that lets you chose between some characters,and on the map where some things like special powers or things that summons creatures/dragon/skeleton(i remember) and you had to fight with all of that characters until only one lefts...in the storyline the man with greenmantle had to fight with some monsters,near a bridge he met a girl named Nadia who gave him a power,and then he arrives in another place,darky one,there your character gets changed and the games give you a girl with a cyan mantle and she has to do something,then you are again with the green-mantle man and you need to find a weapon who can defeat the boss...i can't remember the game i think i played it more than 4 years ago it was single player...if somebody know or think about one please help

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There is a thread dedicated for this. You should be able to get an answer there.

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