Username color reset?

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#1 Posted by Cloud_765 (111394 posts) -

I noticed that if 1 color is chosen for one forum skin only, that color will be used regardless of the theme you're using. I want to use a color that's under the dark theme for both themes, but I've already picked a color for each theme. Is there any way I can reset my color choices so that I can pick the one color I want for both themes (dark and light)? For the record, pressing the Reset button on the page in my settings does nothing.

#2 Posted by gunslinger024 (252 posts) -

I think that the lighter color is used only when the dark background is enabled and the dark color is used when the light background is enabled. I noticed that if you click the icon with the a|a at the top right your color will change from light to dark. heres the pic if ya cant find it


I dont now for sure if you can have only the one though.