Sort out the bottom of the page, it's a joke

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Everyday, for the last 50 days or so (no joke), this:

  • Top Stories:
    1. Borderlands 2: Playing the SirenBorderlands 2: Playing the Siren

    1. Building a Flexible Aliens SequelBuilding a Flexible Aliens Sequel

has been at the bottom of every page. It's laughable. In a few years time those will still be the top stories :lol: You guys are so busy changing everything else you forgot about simple things like this. Btw most of the changes were/are unnecessary.

#2 Posted by Shadowchronicle (26039 posts) -
Yeah those stories are atleast a couple of months old... Would like this changed or atleast remove that part of the bottom.  .
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Yeah the footer on the site could use some work.
#4 Posted by fabz_95 (15424 posts) -
Definitely, would be nice for it to be updated.
#5 Posted by michaelP4 (16680 posts) -
Does anyone actually use the footer though? I always forget that's there - only ever refer to it for things like ToU.
#6 Posted by dab198 (3917 posts) -
Looks like this has been sorted. I've seen it update several times across the weekend and today.