So we no longer have levels/names under my account anymore?

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#1 Posted by BeNOwNz (2940 posts) -

is it a bug or is it now that we don't have our levels like we use to?

#2 Posted by dab198 (3906 posts) -

The old level system has been retired. Something else will replace it in the future, but for now, levels are gone.

#3 Posted by leon2365 (13053 posts) -

isn't it under the "trophies" section?

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That's only an archived value of what your level was prior to the site change, which will be used in some way for the new levelling system. Same applies for the emblems shown there, you can't get any more of them.

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@dab198: So that's why my level hasn't been going up. Am I right?

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Well this is kind of sad. Was something that gave gamespot a bit of uniqueness.

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What a piece of junk this site has become.