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I'm totally and utterly disappointed with this "new" website. It simply feels to cluttered. I don't know what I'm looking for even though what I'm looking for is current, up-to-date information about gaming. That's it! It's like I have to do extra clicks for nothing and the reason why I'm against this is cause the extra clicks is much slower now, whereas before it was much faster to browse your web, and I have a fast computer. It also feels like your general news is not up-to-date as often. I see the same news from a few days back on the top of the list. What's the deal? It's just a big cluster fuck all up here. I like simple, basic gaming information delivered just like before: Main information in the feature section on top where I can move from pane-to-pane from left-to-right or vise-versa by just hovering my cursor on the actual topic followed by older topics below in a vertical fashion. I dunno why you guys thought going all fancy, schmancy was a good idea because to me it's not. I'm now forced to go to IGN first before coming here and coming here is a lot fewer in-between.

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@lazerethjones: Just to verify, your issue is that it is difficult to find information on the site (specifically news). Do you feel that this is accurate?

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@DigitalDame: Nevermind. I'm okay with it now. Thank you.