Account Settings - About Me - Date of Birth doesn't save

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#1 Posted by kamrantu (2 posts) -

After logging in, when I go to Settings and About Me, the Date of Birth field is blank and required to change anything else. However, if I try to provide the value, I get the Oops our website sucks, so use Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter instead error screen.

I have tried every browser that I have (IE 9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). I also have tried this repeatedly over last few months. Perhaps I made wrong assumption that you actually collect an error log of those Oops and actual fix issues proactively.

Should I be creating a new Account or will you fix your site so I can update settings?

#2 Posted by dab198 (3908 posts) -
Date of birth can only be changed by contacting Customer Support. The field certainly shouldn't be blank, but you can't change it yourself, even when the site is working properly.