It doesnt get much better than this....

User Rating: 9.4 | Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA
FFIV ranks in my top 20 games of all time.

GRAPHICS- the graphics are a little dated but it has its moments like being on the airship, its just so simple yet i was astonished when i saw it for the first time and still see it now.

GAMEPLAY- the gameplay is good but theres a slowdown which is really anoying. also the buttons dont seem so responsive in battles either, i have to hit A and B 2-5 times so it could work. i dont think this is my DS' problem but it just might be.

MUSIC- this shouldnt even be called sound this soundtrack is music. its masterful probably ranks up their with FFVIII , FFVII and FFX in music. just fantastic although they remixed some of the music it still amazing.

R-VALUE- good replay value rpg's dont have much because they satasfy you playing it once. still this game is that good that you would want to play it again being on a portable adds to its replayability.