Final Fantasy returns with better graphics pumped out of the ps1 power.

I brought this game back in 2005 with final fantasy x-2.
What can I say i enjoyed everything about final fantasy 10 it had a good storyline about a blitzball player named Tidus who hates his father but his city gets destroyed by sin(this wired monster) and Tidus gets wraped a 1000 years into the furture and wakes up at bebsid island where he meets Youna,Lulu, Wakku and Kirmarai. Yuna has become a summor and she is going to defeat sin and they travel to temple to temple to get a summon to help yuna's battle and they meet other charcters in the game auron and rikku help Yuna and Tidus fight sin and you will meet seymour who is the baddie of the game and wants to marry yuna.
The battle system looked cool and you can use overdrive systems to kill enmies and you can swicth your party members anytime. You use a shrepe grid to sort out your attcaks,hp,mp differnt moves.
The graphics looked almost real, the sound cool,and there are mini games too like blitzball thats looks like fifa and train your chocobo and ride one too.
i enjoyed every second of it.
Final Fantasy always make a good story everytime.