Fight night round 4 is a great game

User Rating: 9 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
Graphics 10/10 Amazing graphics detalied rosters.

Gameplay 8/10 good controll but i don't like how they setup to punch you got to use thumbsticks and it will hurt your thumbs if you keep on doing it. and the buttons are kinda hard to do.

Soundtrack 10/10 Great songs.

story 8/10 same thing as the other fight night series just get on the ranks to be the best fighter ever.The mini games are not good because it is shallow that it keeps on doing it over again.

Replay value 8/10 Cool replay value.

Cnclusion This game is awesome to play for everyone and vetrans. The controlls can get some used to.Mini games are lame to play.But the graphics are awesome to look at it just like a real pay-per-view match.Soundtrack is great they got like Snoop dogg Lady sovereign Mickey Factz and more.It is must buy for boxing fans.