Ready for the next round?

User Rating: 7 | Fight Night Round 4 X360
Ok I will admit i'm no boxing fanatic, but having spent alot of time playing FN Round 3 I found myself drawn back into the ring one more time. I have to say the game has been greatly improved this year with even crisper graphics & a lenghty career mode to keep you on your toes. As far as the game istelf goes,you'll find yourself able to get stuck in with the games control scheme fairly quickly, if your a veteran of the FN franchise or not so familiar with the series you'll be happily punching away in no time at all. Theres even a "Legacy Mode" which has your fighter start off as a relatively unknown fight his way up to be the best in the buisness. However once you have it dosent end there, you can even challenge for different belts and prove yourself against different weight classes. Now for the downside to the game, as good as career mode is I found that some of the training sessions before the fights were rediculously hard and need improving if theyre going to continue on next gen consoles, you can choose to auto-train your fighter but it hardly seems woth it as you only get a small percentage for doing so. All in all its deffinatly a step up from Round 3 but still far from being the "undisputed champion" of the ring.