Very good but with some problems...

User Rating: 8 | FIFA 13 X360
I'm a football fanatic and I always play soccer games when they come out...As for Fifa I buy all the games every year...But this year's fifa isn't what I expected it to be? Fifa 12 was a great intro into new features and gameplay.This year's fifa has some of Fifa 12's problems fixed but there is still more room for improvement! Going to the gameplay first touch is great...players abilities show up in the game especially control and strength.If your player's control or pass is bad he will lose the ball easily or pass the ball to a wrong person etc. This makes it more realistic. You can score many different goals. It looks and feels nice. But they made it much faster this year and you don't have time to think!! If you are playing Legendary mode like I am get ready to get frustrated!! CPU scores every single chance it gets plus the CPU defenders beat you down and the ref doesn't even bother. They push and pull all the time adding realism but sometimes it's very unrealistic and frustrating. And the defenders seem to know where you pass or dribble cutting you down with easy. They can just ''touch'' the ball the final minute-before you pass or shoot blocking you. Another problem I've noticed is the heading of your players. CPU seems to get almost 90% of the heading challenges. This was an issue in Fifa 12 that they didn't fix. Another small but frustrating thing are the high crosses of the CPU players. 9/10 crosses get to the attacker behind your defensive line!(cross from the middle of the pitch!) But...even that these problems appear in-game the goods are more and It's still a great game. By adjusting some gameplay options(in main menu - options) the game becomes more realistic and better than the default options. So I give it an 8 and hope next year's fifa will give as more and fix the existing problems!!!