User Rating: 1 | FIFA Soccer 13 PC
If you like do play this game casually, there wound be many problems
if you considere yourself a hardcore fussball player (soccer), you gonna end throwing the controller to the tv.

There are sooooooooooooooooo many things i hate about this game
the AI is one of the worst ive ever seen in a videogame, No, not in a soccer game... It goes beyond, IN A VIDEO GAME!!!
Sometimes all my defenders stood still, and i mean all of them, letting the rival player walk trough an score
If by any chance you get the ball before tackling a rival, but you already pressed O, the player is gonna kick the ball away, even if u press X to cancel ..... doesnt always work
the referes uniform is the same as the rival team, making it imposible to know how is how.
if you try to play an offside trap, and all the defence ran to the middlefield, guess what?, your middlefield players dont care and run to defend... meaning... all of a sadden you have 3 rival players against your keeper, all couse this stupid programing error (AI error)
Etc, etc, etc.
Make yourself a favour and think twice before buying this game

The only reason why its somehow enjoyable its couse its build on a previous engine, the didnt change rat ass this year