This game with the expansion smashes wow to the bottom and becomes the #1! Read this review for full information.

Lotro SoA & MoM all together is too awsome. This game contains huge amounts of content, lots of craft items, quest, creatures, spells and all that good stuff. The game's engine is off the hook with beautifull real time shadows lighting and character models. The sound is incredible and best in a video game as it could ever be cuz it is taken from lotr wich is a good thing. One great thing about this game is there no retards playing it so everyone is nice and helpfull. Besides the go kill and gather quests, u get to do the EPIC QUESTS!! epic quests let u interact with gandalf and frodo and all the heroes of middle earth to fight the minions of sauron! the pvp is BAD in this game so if ure a heavy pvper, u wont like the game but questing, crafting, housing, raiding and all that good stuff is AWESOME! i highly reccomend if u have a gd computer and internet to get the complete edition cuz its just FUN and thers ALOT of stuff - 60 levels, 9 classes, 4 races, thousands of quests and items and great ingaging content with the best sound around! Give this game a try and u will surely like it!

(sry for bad spelling)