Awesome customization! Hard to get into and to understand the systems but when you do this game is great!

User Rating: 9 | Elemental: Fallen Enchantress PC
A lot of similarities with a Civilization V. But in a fantasy setting and with major differences. Like the customization for instance. You can create your own faction and hero. You can even create your own units. I have played the game now for about 8 hours so I cant judge the total very good yet. But so far it has been very interesting. Maybe just what I was looking for.

I really like the RPG elements in the game. Some nice quests and stories which will get boring eventually I guess. But still, leveling up your hero, champions and units is fun. Also the combat system is quite unique for as far as I know and really fun.

I dont know yet how long this game will last. It will either get boring really fast because the midgame/endgame isnt as much fun as the begin game. Or if it is just as good this game will keep me playing for a long long time!

The reason I wanted to review this game before Ive really played it all the way is because it doesnt get much attention and its grade is way too low if you ask me. So here a nice 9.0 to boost it a little.