This is not a review its just my thoughts. If your a Fan or the the series then this is a must buy!

User Rating: 7.5 | Shin Sangoku Musou Next VITA
I'm a huge fan Koei. I enjoy their Dynasty And Samurai Warriors games, Especially the Empires games which Next fits into. It has Character customization that is similar to Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires & a Conquest mode. It also has campaign and the new and modes and features ( Basically its Dynasty Warriors + Empires+ New Modes). It has all the characters from Dynasty Warriors 7 & XL that goes double for weapons, with a few new weapons.

The Conquest mode is not the same as other Empires games. It's basically been water down where you can only attack and use Officers strategy. Its not as strategic as the other games but its works for a quick on the go battle.

My Problems

I notice in Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Koei didn't put in a Free Mode and the same goes for Next. It would have been nice to have a Free mode. Free Mode is one of my favorite modes in the Empires series with the able to choose who you want to fight and where you want to fight. I hope for the Future Empires games put in Free mode. I would really appreciate it.

In Samurai Warriors 2 Empires something I enjoy in Conquest mode was the ability to customize the map to your liking. I notice in Dynasty Warriors Empires games you were never able to do that. Hopeful this is something the can put into the Empires series cause even with Next's water down conquest mode it would make it a more enjoyable for me.

One of my favorite things about the Empires games is the ability to order your Officers. You can do this in Next but its water down. Instead of ordering Officers you command Troops (Swordsmen, Calvary, Archers etc). There command is limited to only Attack and Defend. You are able to befriend Officers but I don't know if by doing so you would be able to give them commands too.

The game is a solid Dynasty Warriors game! The Campaign is really good and works well but I just wish Koei put a Free Mode in... I don't hate the Conquest but I would have enjoy it more if they put in customization in Conquest. Ether one of those would have made the game more enjoyable for me hopefully they make DLC or put them in the next Empire game.