Much need improvement over the previous two console releases

User Rating: 9 | Shin Sangoku Musou Next VITA
To say this game is by far best option on Vita would be a far cry. However to ask "can i find a game to kill time with, when time is so limited" would fit just right. Just like the other titles in this series its a arcade hack n slash... period! Gamespot HOWEVER chooses to bash a rather fun game due to fact, well they have no real reason to support their outlandish low scores. The gameflow is nice and quick. They even brought back CAC with so far ALL the clothing dlc they incorporated in the console versions. The "new" reimagined conquest mode requires a little more than click and go.. Takes a little more thought so you dont find yourself in a jam. Now Im not saying you need to be a genius by any means, just watch which province you take prior to doing so.
The online option is also revamped, if you connect to their network you can "play" against people near or randomly to the degree their name and ANY CAC they have will be on your map. The game goes off and gives that opponent a "difficulty" setting which again requires a little thought prior to just running in and hoping you survive. If you have ever played a DW game and enjoyed just to have a game that is built for the over the top action without having to worry "will I make it to a save point" then this game is for you. These biased reviews Gamespot has been issuing is getting old to myself and to many others as well. My opinion try it out at least, if you cant read a user review or several and see what REAL gamers think before basing your decision on gamespot