Couldn't get into this game. Graphics, Gameplay, Story are very weak in my opinion.

User Rating: 4 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC
I'll be honest. I'm a hardcore fan of games like these and I wanted to like it. I really did! I played about 4 hours of this game. Got bored & frustrated and uninstalled, here's why:

- The Graphics are pretty bad. It makes me frustrated at all the details that were left out and it seemed very lazy for developers. And I agree with alot of the other lower rated reviews about the BOXES. can they be more annoying? Every level there has to be hundreds of BOXES.
- The Gameplay is very limiting because all you can do is sneak around because if you get caught you pretty much use all your ammo or die. And Ammo is sparse so is your health.
- The Story feels like more of a knock off than an original game. It was so weird cause I thought of Mass Effect 2 about the music, the opening scenes, and even parts of the gameplay. And I even swear that they used the same cut scenes from mass effect 2 when they are re-vamping the main characters with needles and such to make them bad-a$$
- It just doesn't feel right. This is completely my opinion but the balance is not there to me and it was very aggravating. Even the leveling up system sucked. Felt like there was really not that much to look forward to.
- Alot of people were happy about the environment of the game but it is SO messy and lazy. "Here, lets put a desk here, and a BOX there, and some things all over every table in the game!" So unnecessary! Why not just use your time towards the actual details of the main game than just to replicate things over and over every level?

Dont waste your time with this game. It's so hyped. Buy Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. They are now $10 retail! Trust me. And usually games like these grow on you when you are bored... nope.