Def jam FNY is the sequel to the well acclaimed Def jam Vendetta with a bigger roster better story and diffrent gameplay

User Rating: 8.5 | Def Jam: Fight for NY PS2
Def jam was one of my favorite fighting games wouldnt be on my top ten but definetely its an outstanding game. To start the story is really good not the best beacause the story gets a little corny at sometimes and your bassicly doing the same thing over. The story starts where it left off D-mob gets arrested then a big SUV crashes into the police car and the guy driving it happend to be you and you bring D-Mob into your car and drive him back to his crib. While this is happening jervis the police detective trys to sketch out what the guy looked like that took D-Mob you can pick from 4 starters or you can make your own. From there on your in D-Mobs fighting gang with many othere rappers such as method man from wu-tang clan Sticky Fingaz who later leaves from ONYX and some others basiccly whos in the first game is in it now discluding and including others. So the gameplay is very diffrent in NY from Vendetta. Vendetta was more like WWF no mercy and WrestleMania 2000, FFNY is like its own franchise where you can pick up weapons wich is a new feature,throw people into objects to KO them wich is also new, and a bigger roster with barely any Def jam artist's. The new roster includes some actors and other rappers its a wierd roster sometimes even models theres Snoop Dogg,Bubba Sparxx, Xzibit,Carmen Electra,Lil Kim,Busta Rhymes,And many more theres just way too many to count wich also includes the generic Characters aswell. The controls in Def Jam are top notch you move pretty smoothly, the fighting system works great the whole controls are outstanding. The graphics are great too the predecessor's graphics were ok but this game makes it look more realistic aswell as the gameplay by throwing people into trains and all that its really what i wasnt expecting from this game and it really surpirsed me in a good way. Overall its one of the best fighting games i played And you should pick it up if you love the hip-hop industry, Fighting games, or even if you like violence beacause it has ton of it

Gameplay: 9.2/10

Controls: 9.9/10

Graphics: 9.3/10

Sound 6.7/10

Story: 8.9/10

Replay value: moderate

Overall: 8.5/10