Good game, some bugs here and there but overall good game.

5.0? come on this game deserves hell of allot better then that. This game does have its minor bugs and glitches but its still a great game. The story is alright, and its fun working for the different factions. Pretty much everything in this game is destructible, you can use rocket launchers to air strikes or just use a good ole fashion tank to blow stuff up, and any vehicle can be hijacked, also hijacking helicopters is allot easier now as well using the grapple hook you get. There's more though that it could use like being able to store vehicles at your PMC base for example. You can choose from 3 characters and each has there own special abilities, like one of them is faster, other one is stronger and the other can heal faster. Over all, I thought this was great game with allot to do in it. Its worth buying or renting just to try.