This is a cool game with an amazing character but they should continue it!

User Rating: 9 | Cool Spot SNES
To first play this game, you need a SNES, so get that, then you get cool spot and you play it till you get it. I recommend, if you're under 8, then you should not play this game unless you're a really experienced gamer and have a lot of skill or this game will be hard for you! The gameplay is pretty good for a game coming out in 1993 for a start. I loved how they showed the levels of the game because there was a lot of cool secrets you could find. Next is graphics which are pretty good and i liked them. I loved the level with the lily pads because that was a little challenging and it had a lot of fun with it. Then there is sound, this sound is AMAZING, the catchy tunes in it give me a chill down my spine every time i listen to it because it is very cool music. (wonder who wrote it?) Then there is value, i think it is good because there are some pretty creative levels you have to pass to get farther in the game, it is like a frogger game, fast paced and enjoyable after a while. Last is the tilt, which is fine to me. Overall, i love this game because it is a classic game that should've been continued into next gen systems.