You'll definitely like Cool Spot, but for how long? Great for kids though.

User Rating: 8.3 | Cool Spot SNES
Take a simple shape like a circle and give it a personality. Animate it, and voila! An instant soft drink icon! Cool Spot (7 Up's lovable mascot) just had to become a video game hero. The Mega Drive version was one of the smoothest, hippest, and yes, coolest platformers of the year. Now SNES owners get a chance to play with the Spot.

Cool Spot's Spotty mates have been impris¬oned and it's up to him to free them. The game's intro screen explains it all, so I won't bother - let's just say there's some things you'll need to collect, some things you'll need to shoot (with soda-fizz), and a lot of platforms you'll need to jump on.

The graphics are colourful and utilise Cool Spot's miniature size very well. The animation has been well done but strangely, it's not quite as good as the Mega Drive's. As for the game-play, it's exactly the same. Just like Sonic or Mario, you keep running from left to right and collecting thingies - only Cool Spot's hipper and cuter. The controls are very responsive and Cool Spot is easily manoeuvred around his hostile world.

The sounds feature Cool Spot's tiny little voice (which is a laugh) and some rockin' beats to jive to. The 6 levels aren't overly difficult but they do get you looking around a lot! The only questionable aspect of this game is its testability. When this was released on Mega Drive it caused a bit of a stir, but it died down pretty quickly. The same fate awaits the SNES version. But Cool Spot is still an impressive looking game and it plays very well. Oh, and Mode 7 fans will love the intro which allows you to shrink, twist and rotate the Virgin logo (cheap thrills!).

You'll definitely like Cool Spot, but for how long? Great for kids though.

Thanks to the Gamesmen for the cart. Brian Costelloe

As Printed in Hyper #2 January 1994