There is a realistic feel to this game, but unless you don't mind the f-word every 20 seconds don't buy this game.

User Rating: 6 | Conflict: Denied Ops PC
CDO (Conflict : Denied Ops) Is a rather nice strategic shooter, the weapons interface is very customizable depending on your preference, the buddy commands are OK but could definitely could use some improvements, the dialog is basically nonexistent except for Lang yelling the f-word (I went through most of the game with my speakers off) and the most enjoyable part of the single-player campaign was getting hurt or going MIA (those are the most realistic parts of the game other than the accuracy of the weapons).
The redeeming quality of this game is the Co-Op feature, depending on who you play with there is a whole lot less swearing and having a smarter buddy does wonders for the fun factor.