Battleflop 2009

Wow, I played Bad Company, on the Frostbite Engine, and for a console version of BF it was a serious step up from BF Modern Combat (XB360). Now given I play BF mostly on the PC (BF2) and (BF2142) but the lines at E3 caused me to pause people standing in line for hours or even days ?

Ok there MUST be something to this. All Flash no Substance, the 3 Classes are a Joke, the flying is as well, when you shoot the main gun of the tank it's a coin toss weather you hit what you're aiming at, since gravity will suck your rounds to the ground.

Not to mention if you shoot someone running along a wall, and you hit the wall, the building absorbs all the damage, and yet the person flees seemingly unharmed. I say seemingly because I know he took a couple points of damage, but in reality he should have been shot up into the sky. And speaking of tanks, it seems like very class has anti tank weapons, so they might as well be jeeps with MG's on them, since the armor means little to nothing, and the only weapon effective to fight back at troops seems to be the MG.

Planes are fun to watch but have no basis in reality, they do cartwheels down the roads when someone jumps out. The Japanese Carrier is a PITA to land on because someone decided it would be fun to put wires on either side of the runway.

The ONE redeeming value on planes is no longer do you have to fly by your base to get more bombs they just time out and re-arm after 10 Sec. or so... Long enough so you can try and line up another run.

Graphical Glitches plague the game like: The wheels fold up on planes as soon as someone jumps into a plane and starts forward movement.

Don't get me started on aiming it seems to be random, sometimes you get someone near you and low ping and you can track them just fine, then again there's people just "jumping" around because of lag, makes me think I need to setup a couple of DL's before I start so I can be harder to kill.

I wanted to like this game, and I might still tune in and see if the air maps are any fun, but really, I'll wait for patches or else I'm not going to bother with DICE's console games anymore. Seriously you guys make great PC games, stick with that !