Poor end to a great series

Command and conquer is a series i am a huge fan of, or at least was. This game ruins it.
First it tries to mimic DoW II in its battle system, not a foolish idea in my opinion as I wnjoyed that game but was bound to annoy the fans, that and the fact it doesn't pull it off. This could be because it feels sluggish and unpolished compared to the undermentioned with its fast, tactical combat. The lack of activated abilities only highlights this
While it is nice to see EA trying something new i would advise they try again, the crawler mechanic works well enough in principle but here it is poorly exectuted rendering the skirmishes bland and uninteresting. the new tiberium mechanic where you just hold the nodes and accumulate it is a worse version of the DoWII system as there is no resource gathering involved to build your units, you always have enough cash and makes units feel expendable. It would of been nice if some harvesting had been included as well.
The graphics are a joke, this game looks worse too me than C&C 3, the avatar is the most obvious bit of it god it looks awful. The only bit of any caliber is how the machines look beaten up as they receive damage but this is hardly unique.
The story itself is the only thing worth coming for to see Kanes final send off. But it is pitifully short and does not do him justice lacking any of the amazing moments we saw in prior games in the story. However this campaign is ludicrously easy, i started on the hardest skill, played a couple of skirmishes then breezed through it failing only two missions.
In summary a nice idea with poor execution. Should have created a new franchise around it and spent some more time on it polishing it. Could tide you over till SC II or wait till its in the bargain bin, play through both campaigns and then leave it permanently. If you want a good RTS that will engrosse you get DoW II Chaos rising, supreme commander, world in conflict or wait for SC II.