cool game ....amazing graphics....pretty tough ai.

The best way to describe The Godfather is to imagine a Gun play style in a limited Grand Theft Auto environment with a Mafia theme and several other elements from games currently out. What can I say the game is fun, you run around New York beating and killing members of rival mobs to a Godfather storyline that follows the movie plot lines rather well. It is worth the money if you a. have some extra cash and time b. is a fan of the movies and c. enjoy a game theme that isn’t beaten to death.

While the game was fun it does stop at fun. When I opened the box and saw the map I knew it wasn’t going to be anything special. Compared to the games that The Godfather borrows most of aspects from it has a small and linear map that doesn't allow for much out of the way travel, you seem to just go from area to area on with nothing in between. On a positive note there are no loading screens between the different areas.

The graphics in The Godfather are not what I expected them to be. I thought they would have been better, frequently I saw the tires of my car and my characters feet below the floor. Also the lack of diversity in the cars and the shabby job they did with the models takes away from the game. The character models were much better then the cars, for unique characters. There are like in many other games hordes of baddies that all look a like and charge at you. The character models on the plot characters had such realistic features that I thought my created character looked stupid next to them. The faces were not perfectly clean they were warn, dirty, and natural. My created character looked pale and fake next to the plot characters.

The Godfather is plagued by the same things most games suffer from. The buildings you don’t use look the same and flat. Also the rooms, buildings, and stores all start to look exactly the same. Although the reason that The Godfather and Gun still get a boosted rating from be is because they don’t contain any: Zombies, aliens, Nazis, special forces, terrorists, army men, tanks, dragons, Jedi, etc...

Another complaint is that the controls for the PC version are horrible. Having an efficient keycap that allows you do execute the combos is near impossible. Like Gun I think it would be much better on a PS2 or Xbox. This does however dismay me even further in thinking game developers believe that the needs of console gamers are any where near the needs of PC gamers. I have nothing against console gamers I have most of them myself but this idea of standardization that will bring down the quality of PC games if they have to be created to work on consoles as well. Face it F.E.A.R. isn’t coming out on consoles anytime soon and being anywhere near as good as it is on PC.

Anyway the interface is not so great and you end up just doing the same thing over and over again instead of being able to try many different types of combos. I also thought the weapon selection was limited as was the ability to upgrade both your weapons and your stats. It was basically Gun's system of stats and upgrades for the guns. The fighting was lots of fun but I still felt that it was borrowed from other games with nearly the same moves. There was a game that came out maybe 3 or more years ago called Mafia that looked a lot like The Godfather. Also the game play was limited in The Godfather. While it did a good job of following the movie if they wanted to get more non fans to buy it they should have included more mafia stuff that you could do.

The Godfather is a fun game but it is limited in what you can do. It is worth the time to play it maybe not the full $40 for me but it is a nice break from Counter Strike. Even though I felt like I was playing elements from like 5 different games EA did a good job combining the parts. It is fun while it last but I am thinking eBay because I don’t think ill really want to play it again.