One Of the Best Games. Even if you lose a level it's still fun0 The Music rocks and the grafics are realy

WoW ! It's a home run, and that's what the SSX team should say when they released the ''on tour'' game.

When you expect so much out of another SSX title and you end up with this game, you can only go '' man this kick butt''.

What's new, you can chose ski or board. Mind you, ski are harder then the board but it takes just a little getting used to.

The tour concept had more of a competition feel to the game. You will want to reach the higher standing a.s.a.p.

More obstacle are down those slops and just going full thruttle won't do. You've got to had skill to your game man !

Finally some Iron Maiden :) The music is old school mixed with the new, just crank it up !!!

So far nothing bad to say about the game, but I've only played it for 5h