User Rating: 9.6 | SSX On Tour PS2
Compared to all the other ssx games this one is the most creative. had a lot of fun with this one to date. The Game play is great and I like the new Story Mode (U can call it that) U start by making ur own character (instead of using an already pro) and u get to start as the worst and make ur way up the charts to be #1. U can pick Ski's or a Snowboard and tear up the slopes at amazing speeds. If u don't want to do that there's always Free rides where u can Ski/Snowboard as some of the classic players from previous games. The sound is great, especially when u hit and/or knock over little kids and adults that are ski'i ng or snowboarding on the slopes because they say different things. When ur ski'i ng or snowboarding down the slopes u can go down different paths.SSX On Tour is the fourth SSX game to come out on the PS2.The thing to note about this game is it's graphics. You can see the snow rushing past you as you speed down a slope, you can see the air rushing as you fly into the air, it just goes on and on. Also, those little comic book-style pictures are really entertaining.This is a amazing game.