Nice game to play but there are better tactical shooters out there. Definitely not a 'pick up and play game'

I was pretty impressed when i heard that they were releasing another game in the SOCOM franchise and was interested to see what it was like. Every game has its ups and downs but this one has more downs than ups in my opinion and I'll tell you why;

I have played numerous Wartime shooters for the PS2 all of which i have enjoyed, apart from this one. Don't get me wrong its a game that Zipper Interactive should be proud to have made but for those who are looking for action packed shooting and fun then don't get this game.
The detail of US Navy Seals action has been improved since previous titles but the enjoyment factor that a game needs isn't there. I find the game kind of boring after about half an hour of game play, whereas i could play Medal Of Honour or Rainbow Six because they are more fun to play. One of the most annoying things in the game is the team controls, the ability to command your team of Seals and tell them what to do... its annoying! Firstly you have to select the number of Seals to perform the action, then tell them what different thing you want them to do but if your cross hair is in the wrong place and you don't realize then you have to repeat the process again and its pretty long-winded. It gets boring repeating the process so your Seals back you up, its quicker doing it yourself. At times in the game you can find yourself wandering around aimlessly to get to the next piece of action

I'm not going to totally slag this game off, that would be wrong. The graphics is about the best thing it has to offer, plus the detail is very much in depth. There are so many things you can make you and your troops do and the work gone into this game is echoed by the amount of stuff you can do during in-game activity.

It's not all that bad of a game but not really my cup of tea, i prefer a game with a bit more excitement. I'll leave it up to others to decide whether to buy it or not but if you're looking for a game that lets you go around killing and doing your own thing then don't invest in this game, buy something like Medal Of Honour.