Bejeweled 2 is really addictive!

User Rating: 9.7 | Bejeweled 2 Deluxe PC
This game has some awesome features and graphics that are out of this world. The planets, the gems and the sound really has improved alot, nevertheless to say without confrontation. I have played several trial versions of this game... I want it so bad. Once you start the game and begin playing, somewhat 15 or 20 minutes the music chances while you are still playing. I fancy the music, thoughtlessly asking if this music were in the Techno category. I liked all the cool new parts of this game than the 1st bejeweled game, you could not get any Hyper Cubes or even get four in a row. This game is highly addictive and I would say, this is the best game I have ever played! The 3D images and various features of the game is cool. I would say the graphics are great works of fine art. This is the kind of game that would keep you occupied for so many hours and theoretically spaeking, it challenges the mind. I love the puzzle and the endless modes. If you want a game that keeps you busy, you should try this. I guarantee you that this is a fun game, one you have played this you will keep coming back for more.